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Hot Toys Star Wars VII Finn & Riot Control Stormtrooper

by Lambert Varias
Hot Toys Star Wars VII Finn & Riot Control Stormtrooperzoom in

The rogue First Order soldier and his former comrade get their first Hot Toys action figures. These sixth-scale collectibles are available in a two-pack. Naturally Finn will be available as a standalone figure as well.

Finn comes with seven hands, Luke’s lightsaber, a blaster rifle with a strap, a bag and eight bombs. The stormtrooper has nine hands, the miraculous baton and a blaster rifle. Even though he stood toe-to-toe with Finn and Luke’s lightsaber, this dude really should’ve just used his rifle.

Like Rey and other Hot Toys sixth scale singles, Finn’s probably going to be upwards of $200 (USD) and the two-pack should be around $400. We do know that they won’t be released until fall of 2016.

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_2zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_3zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_4zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_5zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_6zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_7zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_8zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_9zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_10zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_11zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_12zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_13zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_14zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_15zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_16zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_17zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_18zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_19zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_20zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_21zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_22zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_23zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_24zoom in

star_wars_vii_finn_riot_control_stormtrooper_hot_toys_25zoom in

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