How Lightsabers Work

How Lightsabers Workzoom in

The guys over at HowStuffWorks have put together this guide to the inner workings of the Jedi lightsaber. Yes, it’s hard to imagine life without lightsabers, but who knows how they even work? HowStuffWorks breaks down the inner workings of your day-to-day household lightsaber. The inside of the lightsaber consists of a diatium power cell, a power field conductor, the power vortex ring, an energy gate, and, of course, the crystal energy chamber. This is some complex stuff, so don’t try doing your own lightsaber repairs at home.

Photo above courtesy of handmade lightsaber builder Roland Palotai. To see the HowStuffWorks diagram of the inner workings of a lightsaber, check out their full article.

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